The Forest Kind

ForestKind Big




A modern Australian version of The Secret Garden meets Where the Wild Things Are.

Months after the disappearance of her brother Ewen, Willow Reed discovers he's living with the Forestkind, a group pf mysterious and ancient creatures that saved his life.  If she is to bring him home, she must first aid them in protecting their land - a magical forest set to be destroyed by relentless developers.

However, as Willow discovers more about Ewen's connection to the forest, she learns to accept that, in life, we must sometimes let go of what we love most.   

Film Details:

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Format: Feature Film

Producer: Vickie Gest, Lauren Ford, Elle Croxford

Writer: Mitch Ziems 

Director: John Sheedy (H is for Happiness, Mrs McCutcheon)