Roller Derby Dolls



Roller Derby Dolls preview


In the sprawling outer suburbs of Brisbane, a revolution is brewin. A sassy group of women from all walks of life has a dream: to resurrect the lost sport of full-contact roller derby in Australia.

Film Details:

Genre: Documentary Short
Co-writer/Director: Phoebe Hart
Co-writer: Erin McBean
Producer: Vickie Gest
Narrator: Meshel Laurie
Editor: Rebecca Richardson
Director of Photography: Dan Macarthur
Sound Editor/Composer: John Willsteed
Executive Producer for Freshwater Productions: Trish Lake
Executive Producer for Film Australia: Mark Hamlyn

Distributed by ABC Commercial, Screened Australia ABC1 & ABC2



NOMINATED Best Producer at the Women's Image Network USA December 2008
NOMINATED Best Documentary Short ATOM Awards October 2008

Roller Derby Dolls is a Film Australia National Interest Program in association with Freshwater Productions. Produced in association with the Pacific Film and Television Commission and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. © Film Australia 2008