Over My Dead Body



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Who wants you when your dead?

What body parts are useful and valuable? Who and how can they help? Exactly how much are our dead bits worth anyway? And, why would we say 'Yes' to such a seemingly grotesque concept?

Over My Dead Body tries to find answers to the trickiest questions about donation after death. The story is narrated by a fictional cadaver who we follow through the perils of the body's "afterlife". This timely, stylish and audacious film will make you think long and hard about the curious transactions humans make with each other over recycling the dead.

Film Details:

Genre: Documentary Short
Produced by: Vickie Gest
Written & Directed by: Ian Walker
Concept by: Rick Collins
Executive Producer: Susan MacKinnon

Distributed by: ABC Commercial
The documentary is also known as BODY HARVEST.


NOMINATED Best Science Technology & Environment ATOM Awards Oct 2008
WINNER PRIX DU JURY SCINEMA Festival of Science August 2008