The Oppression




No rules, no faith, no boundaries.

Graham Reilly, a self-professed loner is haunted by regrets of abandoning his responsibilities as a father. When he is reunited with his estranged friend Jake, Graham uses the opportunity to reconnect with his 15 year old daughter, Cassandra. When he witnesses strange and disturbing behaviour from Cassandra, Jake reveals she's possessed by a demonic spirit. Graham, however has deeper concerns of abuse and mental illness.

When Graham realises Cassandra is in danger he must overcome his own demons as well as hers, to save his daughter.


Film Details:

Genre: Horror

Format: Feature Film

Writers: Steve Boyle (Mullet Gut) and Toby Osborne

Director: Steve Boyle (Mullet Gut, SFX Specialist - The Hobbit, King Kong, Predestination, Daybreakers)

Producing Partner: Todd Fellman Story Bridge Films (The Nest, JungleBait, Mental)

Producers: Vickie Gest, Lauren Ford